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Sami's Story

What Being Type 1 Means to Me


Having type 1 obviously brings a lot of awful moments, but at the same time so many strengths and admirable qualities. From being diagnosed I have become a more patient person and, furthermore, being type 1 means that I should help other people - it's made me more compassionate and caring, and I tend to appreciate things a lot more these days.


Being type 1 can be a right pain, but I think the support of everyone and the mentality that being diagnosed has given me makes me feel that diabetes isn't so bad. For a disease that has many complications, it has, for me, come with many life-long skills that I will use in future years, with my next challenge being uni!


Living with the condition everyday, I can find things incredibly frustrating. Having no friends who are diabetic has only heightened my frustrations, so joining the group has allowed me to make great lifelong friends who I can share my problems with, and talk about my highs and lows... quite literally! All my expectations of the group have been completely exceeded.


I expected to meet some young people in the similar position, but with a much more controlled diabetes, I was wary that I was always doing the wrong things - but the group helped to prove that there's no such thing as a perfect diabetic and so joining the group has definitely enlightened me to some tips and tricks which will help me cope with my diabetes too.

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The Group


This group has taught me so many vital lessons about my condition. Even if its only on a bi-monthly basis it really is imperative that as young diabetics we can talk to each other and counsel one another.


In addition this group is soo crucial as we have the ability to reach out to other adolescents in similar positions and even learn from them. I feel so privileged to be part of this group and I think anyone that has any connection to type 1 will benefit greatly from our upcoming projects.