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Gemma's Story

Reason I Got Involved


When I got the leaflet through the door from my DSN, I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to meet other young people who are in a similar situation to me.


For a long time before becoming a part of this project I wanted to meet other young diabetics, and due to this I have. I went to the first meeting where we got more information about what the aim was and after spending the day with everyone else I thought that whatever we did end up doing was going to be amazing as everyone was so enthusiastic and had really interesting things to say.


Since that first meeting we have all been a support to each other which I’m extremely great full to have, and I’m sure that we can continue that support to others.


Moving Out


When I was diagnosed I was only 3, so my mum did it all. I couldn’t inject, so mum did it - I couldn’t really do much to be honest!


As I got older, I started to become more and more independent, both in general and with my diabetes. At 11, I started to inject myself, but I used a penmate rather than a normal pen.


When I started high school, after being able to inject, I thought I was invincible. When I left school and started college, I still felt like I was untouchable. It was at college where I met my partner and moved in with him, this was when I soon found out I wasn’t invincible.


Because I was so used to my mum doing almost everything, I didn’t realise how much she did. My control spiralled out of control, and I became ill far too often. It made me appreciate my mum a whole lot more, and I started to try a lot harder to control my sugars better.


If I could go back I wouldn’t change moving out when I did, but I would just make sure I was more prepared by talking to the diabetic team, and making sure I really was as independent as I thought I was.