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Welcome to JUST DUK 1T!

An Online Resource For Young People With Type 1 Diabetes

Mission Statement


This is a site created by young people from all over Scotland with Type 1 diabetes (T1) for all young people with Type 1 diabetes, and was inspired by the sad death of a 22 year old young person with Type 1.


It's not just about providing facts, but about connecting young people with Type 1 across Scotland, helping us to take control of our Type 1 and not letting it control us!

"The overall aim of this project is to ensure young people have optimal knowledge of their condition"



We are passionate about inspiring and encouraging fellow young people to overcome any barriers that we might face due to our Type 1 diabetes.


Our aim with this site is to provide, or direct you to all the information you need - either with the weird and wonderful, or the everyday!

What does JUST DUK 1T mean?


Sometimes living with Type 1 it can feel like nobody understands how difficult it can be. Sometimes it feels like you are expected to ‘just get on with it’. I think everyone in the group has been faced with comments such as “oh so you JUST have to do a couple of blood tests or injections every now and again” or “so you JUST have to watch what you eat”.


There are also times when you can’t be bothered with your diabetes and you think, to put it nicely, ‘to hell with this’. If you look ‘just duck it’ up in the urban dictionary, you will find that it is – “a theory that when all other accessories fail, and there is nothing you can do about it, accessorise with duct tape!”

Although slightly different to the meaning of our slogan, it has been used in everyday situations such as:


• My hair's a mess today... What should I do? JUST DUCK IT!

• I don't know what to wear today... What should I do? JUST DUCK IT!

• Or in this instance, my diabetes is being a right pain today… What should I do? JUST DUK 1T!!!


Up until now, you have probably all been wondering, “why the duks?” or “what the duk?” Well the tagline ‘duk the highs, duk the lows, duk diabetes’ represents ducking diabetes, getting on with your life and dealing with all the highs and lows in between. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is exactly the reason we have set up this website – to try and support young people with Type 1 Diabetes to manage their lives!